Puzzle : Psycho Killer


This is my second post in a day. But I came across this puzzle and could not wait to post it here. The puzzle is taken from here.

Problem : There is grid (jail ) of 16 rooms ( 4×4 ) , each room has a door connecting it to adjacent room ( north, east, west and south but not diagonally ). The room at the northwest corner has a door which leads to the escape. Room at the southeast corner has a psycho killer in it as a prisoner. All other rooms has exactly one guard ( total of 15 ). If the killer enters a room with a guard he immediately kills the guard, however, the killer can not stand the sight of blood so he does never enter a room with a corpse. The psycho killer manages to kill all the 15 guards and escape. What path did he take?

Hint : Note that in the southwest corner, psycho killer is alone, so when he leaves that room, nobody else ( living or dead ) is occupying that room. The killer can return to his own room ( cell ).

Solution :



One Response to “Puzzle : Psycho Killer”

  1. stacy Says:

    good puzzle . took me 5 minutes

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